Nos cours

  • Open Water / Cmas 1*

    Open Water / Cmas 1*

    The open water diver course is your first step into the world of diving. the explanations of your isda instructor, your manual and the quizzes you will find in each chapter, will help you easily learn the basics of going underwater with a self-contained breathing apparatus. you will learn how water pressure affects our body, how to communicate with your dive buddy and how to use the equipment. with the open water diver certificate, you can dive anywhere in the world, even as a beginner and to a maximum depth of 18 meters. + 50 euros for the cmas card

  • Owd Advanced

    Owd Advanced

    The isda advanced open water diver course represents the completion of the diver's basic preparation and a first step towards furthering one's personal interests. with this course you will acquire the skills and knowledge of the experienced diver by trying, under the guidance of your isda instructor, in 5 different specialties. + 50 euros for the cmas card

  • Deep Adv Plus

    Deep Adv Plus

    If the advanced open water diver isda course represents the completion of the diver's basic preparation and a first step towards deepening their personal interests, its "plus" version also allows, thanks to an additional module, to exceed 30 meters depth. most marine beauties are actually found within the top 20-30 meters of the surface. but sometimes we can be attracted by a wreck, a cave or the passage of large fish deeper. this course allows you to dive to 39 meters safely and without stress. + 50 euros for the cmas card

  • Rescue/2 * Cmas

    Rescue/2 * Cmas

    The rescue diver course enhances diver skills and provides the knowledge and tools needed to recognize and solve problems on the surface and underwater. you will learn to assess if your partner is unable to dive or help them if they are seized by an illness or if they are in an emergency. the rescue diver is a prepared and reliable diving companion, which not only gives safety, but makes diving more enjoyable for your partner. the italian red cross, with protocol cri/cc/0036126/2010, has established that the isda rescue diver course is equivalent to the c.r.i. + 50 euros for the cmas card

  • Dive Master / Cmas 3*

    Dive Master / Cmas 3*

    The divemaster is an extremely important course, during which you will deepen important aspects of diving such as physics and physiology, you will improve your skills in the use of dive tables and you will acquire a solid base of knowledge of the equipment. . you will learn how to help the instructor organize a course, how to lead a dive group and how to work in a dive center. + 50 euros for the cmas card

  • Staff Inst

    Staff Inst

    After the divemaster level, it is possible to access the rank of isda assistant instructor which deepens and increases the knowledge and skills for the development of the students, and is a more valuable aid for the isda instructor in carrying out the courses. themselves.

  • Instructeur


    The instructors course is unique, aiming in particular to learn the techniques of teaching and conducting a classroom, as well as to consolidate and deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge learned in the previous courses, in particular in the divemaster . with the instructors course, the isda professional gains access to the owd instructor level and is qualified to conduct courses up to the open water and advanced owd level. in order to certify rescue divers, the open water instructor must obtain the first aid instructor credential to first certify their students in the bls-d and oxygen first aid courses. to participate in a lifesaving course, in fact, the student must first have obtained the bls-d and oxygen certificates. likewise, the divemaster instructor must be able to lead his student to this level which provides, as a prerequisite, to have obtained the nitrox, night, deep, naturalist and navigation specialty certificates. he must therefore be an instructor of these five specialties. growth from owd instructor to rescue instructor and therefore divemaster does not require attendance at subsequent courses to that instructor, but obtaining the first aid instructor titles – to become a rescue instructor – and the title of specialized instructor for the 5 compulsory specialties of the divemaster. course sheet preconditions - 18 years old; - medical certificate attesting to the ability to dive; - divemaster or assistant instructor certification; - at least 100 dives recorded and validated in the logbook.

  • Bls-D (Secourisme)

    Bls-D (Secourisme)

    A useful course in the sport of diving and in everyday life. it teaches the sequence of first aid in the event of an extra-hospital emergency, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of the automatic external defibrillator, clearing maneuvers. it has a valence of 2 years, after which it is necessary to do a refresher. since march 2020, the bls-d isda course has been integrated into the international covid-19 regulations and issues the bls-d covid-19 patent.